Back to School: Rabbi is queering religion at Jesuit university

The University of San Francisco has appointed its first-ever rabbi in residence.

Rabbi Camille Shira Angel accepted the position at the 164-year-old Jesuit institution early this month. She sat down with the Bay Area Reporter last week to discuss being a rabbi, an out lesbian, and what it means to “publicize the miracle.”

Angel’s office is in the University Ministry Building, as that body partially supports her position. However, the majority of the funding for her residence comes from the Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice, and she mentioned that first.

“I’m here thanks entirely to the financial generosity of the Swig program and that family of benefactors. I used to go to Camp Swig! Swig gave me my Jewish identity, so being the Swig rabbi in residence has a great deal of meaning for me,” Angel said.

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