Kvelling! Student project: “How Religion + Faith Have Impacted The Lives Of 5 Queer People”

My student, Pete Mancilla, created this wonderful presentation entitled “HOW RELIGION + FAITH HAVE IMPACTED THE LIVES OF 5 QUEER PEOPLE THROUGH THEIR STORIES”

I am one of the people profiled:

“Rabbi Camille Shira Angel taught my Queering Religion class at University of San Francisco. Without her I would have never opened my eyes to how important it is to see faith through queer eyes. I never necessarily thought I would look into religious traditions or try to identify with them. It was extreme interesting to learn so much about so many different kinds of views through the perspective of the various speakers we had in our class. Before the class, I didn’t even know what a Rabbi was. I didn’t know anything about the Jewish faith, Islam traditions, Buddhism, or even things within the Roman Catholic Church that I was raised in.

Rabbi Angel has an immense passion for making her students aware of the endless amounts of things we can learn about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and being religious. The open circle of continuous conversation and encouragement to queer gave an atmosphere of constant positivity. There isn’t enough time in a class to learn about all of this, but her want and efforts for change were extremely noticed and should not go without acknowledgement.”

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