What Does It Mean To Queer In 2022?

The word “Queer” can be used as in many ways – as a noun, an adjective, a gender identity, or a sexual orientation. What if it were to be used as a verb? What does it mean to “queer” something, and how do you do it?

According to Dr. Charlie Glickman “queer” is about discarding outdated assumptions and allowing better, more inclusive ideas to replace them. It is a deliberate process of identifying and rejecting any preconceptions we have so as to make way for more nuanced views.

At the University of San Francisco (USF), Rabbi Camille Angel is teaching students how to queer, specifically in a religious context. As a lesbian and church official, Rabbi Angel invites students of all religions and sexualities to join her in creating an inclusive space on campus. Following her leadership role in the congregation Sha’ar Zahav, her class “Queering Religion” focuses on reevaluating religious writings in a way that celebrates queerness.

Rabbi Angel’s course, “Queering Religion”, was the first class at USF to include the word “queer” in its title. In it, she uses informative readings and guest speakers to exemplify the importance of queering. Due to USF being a Jesuit university, Rabbi Angel has found many opportunities to expand and challenge religious ideas about the LGBTQ+ community in her role.

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